New Ring cycles are springing up as the worlds opera houses get back into their rhythms after the pandemic. 13.8. . She just has a few vocal appearances but her clean, strong ascensions to A naturals and B flats shown her vocal power, round sound, and astonishing projection. The music, in short, was saying everything, but the staging, an empty pool full of junk, nothing. Her interpretation was chilling and full of pathos. It tried to do too much, some of it interesting and thought-provoking, too much of it merely distracting and inconsequential. His interpretation of his second scene monologue immer ist Undnak was amusing and emotional at the same time. Georg . Select from premium Stephanie Stumph Photos of the highest quality. (Patrick Carnegy to The Guardian). Spot On. He possesses a lyrical instrument with modest volume but serious difficulties in the higher range (I always take into consideration that the singer might not be at his best on the night of the show) as shown in his opening line Vollender das ewige werk. Here, he had to take an extra short breath to prepare the high F, breaking the fluidity of the line. Gtterdmmerung Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt Nur: Was interessieren uns die Geissens? He designed a special distribution, in a staircase, of the instruments. The Schwarz cycle ran out of steam in the end because it had no big or unifying idea not even a really bad unifying idea such as Frank Castorfs pretentious 2013-17 Bayreuth Ring which preceded this one. (Photo: Enrico Nawrath, Bayreuter Festspiele). News Completion Bayreuth Festival 2022! 95445 Bayreuth, In 2023, wahnfood GmbH from Bayreuth will again provide catering services for the Bayreuth Festival before the performances, during, The Bayreuth Festival GmbH is looking for several make-up artists (m/f/d) for the 2023 season (period between May 15 and. Bass Georg Zeppenfeld, who had appeared at Die Walkre as Hunding, sang the role of King Marke. Was erzhlt Wagner, was erzhlt Schwarz, was ergibt die Differenz. Conductor Christian Thielemann Andy Besuch (costumes) Schwarzs unwillingness or inability to formulate any kind of concept, let alone to present it successfully, has long since had hopes for drama run out of steam. Das Rheingold review no ring, no gold, instead child abuse and abduction drive Bayreuths new Ring, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. Most of the various Wotans (there were three) were adequate rather than notable. I am only too aware of precedents, of how, say, Patrice Chreaus first run met with uproar and incomprehension, proceeding to become perhaps the best loved (and esteemed) Ring of all time. August 2022, fr und, Tristan und Isolde conductors at Bayreuth, One of the finest monuments in sound ever to have been raised to the everlasting glory of music. 2022 saw the premieres of two new productions of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Bayreuth Festival in August and at Berlin's Staatsoper Unter den Linden in October. Stndig ist man am Rtseln und Entziffern. 9.8. Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival, 7-17 September 2023, Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth - Program Jul 2021 - Nov 2022 1 year 5 months. Stefan Herheim om samarbeidet med Gatti etc. Action artist: Hermann Nitsch. Meister created great moments of tension, such as during the crescendo of the prelude, where he kept increasing the depth and density of the sound while keeping an impossibly slow tempo. Even Cornelius Meisters conducting, a solid highlight of the previous three evenings, proved more mixed here. Occasionally, some older things return, yet neither with dramatic reason nor insight. Meanwhile all the love scenes or Tristans suffering in Act three are staged with a symbolic theatrical language. (Photo: Enrico Nawrath, Bayreuter Festspiele). Flosshilde Katie Stevenson, Valentin Schwarz (director) Best of 2022: Opera A pocket 'Patience' sits alongside perfect Poulenc from Glyndebourne and concert Handel theartsdesk in Brno - a visionary at home in his 'Moravian Bayreuth . The performances of the Walkre will be framed by commissioned works in various artistic genres that mirror, comment on, continue or re-experience all parts of the Ring des Nibelungen. (Some might argue racism too; let us leave that for another day. Berlin, Germany . But this isnt all that surprising. Cornelius Meister and Valentin Schwarz. Important castings were changed right up to the first performances, with Tomasz Konieczny injuring himself when a chair broke during Die Walkre, requiring Michael Kupfer-Radetzky to make a successful substitution at very short notice, and Clay Hilley stepping in for Stephen Gould as Siegfried in Gtterdmmerung at the last minute. The focus was on the two new productions of Der Ring des Nibelungen and Tristan und Isolde. It makes you a little bit scared, and it's really quite terrifying." Tenor: Klaus Florian Vogt, Die Walkre Act 1 Stream songs including "Parsifal: Vorspiel - Act 1 (Remastered 2023, Bayreuth 1962)", "Parsifal: He! 8/13, 8/16, 8/23) 16.8. Parsifal Excerpts. Construction work on the stage tower will be completed next year, and 6 wheelchair spaces and a passenger elevator will then be available in the tower on the right. (. The high note sounded strained and unstable. In the cinema Reichshof. Tannhuser There will also be a festival atmosphere at the outdoor theater. Ein ereignisreicher Abend mit berragenden, traurigen und mittelmigen Momenten. I think there would have to be a greater willingness, indeed any at all, to extend the frame of reference beyond a rich, unlikeable family. Last year saw ascaled-down schedule and audience in Bayreuth, butfestival director Katharina Wagneris pleased to confirm areturn to full capacity in 2022. (Claude Debussy on Parsifal), "The thing about Wagner is that there can be no true success in any production of his operas, only degrees of failure. Recorded (directed by Michael Beyer) at the Bayreuther Festspielhaus on 5.8.2022 and now available on STAGE+ until 14.11.2047. Nobody had done that on the stage before. (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), Im Stil einer Netflix-Serie will der junge Regisseur Valentin Schwarz Wagners "Ring" in Bayreuth erzhlen: als Familiensaga, die in unserer Gegenwart spielt. Bayreuth Festival 2022 Review: Das Rheingold Christa Mayer, Okka von der Damerau, Olafin Sigundason Shine in Valentin Schwarz's Confused Productions By Mauricio Villa (Credit: Enrico Nawrath) Controversy was in full force as the second run of performances of the Bayreuth's "Ring des Nibelungen" kicked off on August 10. Her characterization was intense but believable and she deftly portrayed all the extreme feelings Isolde goes through, from anger and revenge to unconditional love and ecstasy. It is with this gold that Alberich forges the magic ring after having renounced love and launches the epic battle that lasts four operas. 27.7. Verdi, Beethoven, Tchakovski. Die Walkre Brnnhilde Irne Theorin 98 (1884-1885) Wiener Symphoniker (Matthias Lachenmann), In der Trash-TV-Sendung Die Geissens erlebt der Zuschauer das Leben einer reichen, wohlstandsverwahrlosten und prolligen Familie, was Valentin Schwarz nach dem ersten Aufzug der Gtterdmmerung zu urteilen zu seiner Ring-Inszenierung inspiriert hat. Clay Hilley, a very late substitute as Siegfried, did more than could reasonably be asked of him. Raimund Nolte and Attilio Glaser were simply correct as Donner and Froh. And the result was a brilliant, meaningful production which, while modern, is respectful to the music and libretto. 18.8. 1. How, asks Kuhn, did this nasty, this hairy and hideous imp beget a child with the proud Queen Grimhild? Perhaps using the power he has amassed by foreswearing love? Fullness and bloom of voice were often as impressive as her sheer resolve to get on with it. At the most exciting musical theatre festival in the world. Froh Attilio Glaser Meisters direction was fluent and competent without coming close to the excellence of Christian Thielemanns conducting of Lohengrin in the middle of the Ring week. Director Barrie Kosky The contrast between light and dark is constantly present with big shadows of the characters on the rounded walls, their silhouettes seen on the open ceiling or the back door, which is rather dark or illuminated in an impossible blinding white (depending on the several references to the light of the day or the darkness of the night). "COVID has unfortunately also led to a loss of audience, many houses are noticing this with a sharp drop in subscribers as well," she told the German press agency dpa. Foto: Jaap van Zweden Brad Trent. August 22, 2022 16:00:00. Alberich Olafur Sigurdarson As an audience member, one could certainly relate. A theatre created for a single composer: the Bayreuth Festival Theatre. 15.8. Personal assistant Grane is still around too. 10 Die Feen 6 1960-1999 1967-08 Bell Bayreuth 1976-05-02 Downes Manchester 1983-02-13 Ehrling Wien 1983-07 Sawallisch Mnchen 1989-09-07 Schwarz Mnchen . Eingesprungen fr den an Corona erkrankten Dirigenten Pietari Inkinen ist Cornelius Meister. 27.8. The opther three operas are delayed to 2022. August 07, 2022 When the curtain fell on the new production of Gtterdmmerung on Friday, it drew the worst storm of audience hostility that veteran Wagner watchers can recall. Ultimately, this was a magnificent performance where the production, the cast and the musicians were excellent and therefore were correspondingly lauded by Bayreuths passionate audience at the curtain call, something which was rarely seen at this years festival. Turning a horse into a man in a suit does not seem much compensation, or even relevant. In the final pages of his Ring cycle, Wagners orchestral writing reaches extraordinary heights of grandeur and conviction, in music that depicts the destruction of an old corrupt world and the dawn of a new untainted one. In the libretto, Tristan and Isolda are only truly united when they die, as this is the only moment when they can be totally free and love each other without conditions. Even those, however, who discern some kind of return at the close will have wanted a little more for their money than a hasty, borderline-cynical return of dual umbilical chord babies on video, and, prior to that, of a swimming pool for the Rhine. An evening between Richard Wagner and Heiner Mller, exploring the path from TRISTAN UND ISOLDE to Heiner Mller's play QUARTETT, with texts by both authors and music by Wagner, arranged by Ingo Kerkhof and Gerhard Ahrens as part of the event series Diskurs Bayreuth of the Bayreuth Festival 2022 in the cinema Reichshof. Lohengrin Vorspiel It seems to speak more than anything of lack of acquaintance with Wagners work andwhich may or may not be fairsheer laziness. It makes you a little bit scared, and it's really quite terrifying." Seit das Markgrfliche Opernhaus fertig restauriert wurde, findet dort Ende August das Festival Bayreuth Baroque statt. Theres also a dark sky full of stars for Acts two and three. Cornelius Meister (conductor), Valentin Schwarz. Walther von Stolzing Klaus Florian Vogt There will be eight different performances out of a total of only 10 Wagner operas that the composer allowed to be performed at the Festspielhaus. He conducted 154 Vienna Philharmonic concerts heading into the tour . Wotans interventions in Das Rheingold lack the lyricism that this character has in Die Walkre. And even if Silins German diction was immaculate, it was noticeable that he was more comfortable on the few lyrical legato lines, like in the fourth actIn des morguens scheine, than in the rest of the opera where his singing is in the recitative style. Oksana Lyniv maked history this summer as the first woman to ever 3.8. Tenor Daniel Kirch sang the role of Loge. His ability to color the vocal line and sing dynamics created memorable moments during such passages as so verfluchich die liebe, the horad scene, or the curse. He offered a strong, believable characterization of the tortured, greedy dwarf even if the staging was quite still in the first scene or presented him in his underwear during the first part of the fourth scene. ", "I had the feeling that more and more people were coming to Bayreuth for the first time, rather than for 30 or 40 years," museum director Sven Friedrich toldDW. In some ways the most successful staging of the cycle was act two of Gtterdmmerung, performed without fuss or distraction inside a simple white cube set that felt like a 20th-century throwback. The orchestra and chorus of the festival sounded beautiful, strong, and full of emotion. "I thought I'd just tell people about the festival idea and how a festival day works.". Parsifal Stephen Gould Olafin Sigundason portrayed the wicked Alberich. ), Cornelius Meister. Get your tickets here! Ukraine updates: Russia says defense minister visits Donbas, Russian mercenary chief says Bakhmut almost fully encircled, Biden thanks Scholz for 'profound' German support on Ukraine. How much, if at all, violence towards women should be depicted on stage (or screen), especially by men, is of course very much a live topic at the moment. After Tristan A Journey from the Past Backwards into the Present. He opted for some extreme tempi that were quite distant from tradition, and I believe this was the reason for the huge disapproval of the audience. The air is boiling in the Festspielhaus, which has neither air conditioning to speak of nor modern fire protection. Dabei denken wir natrlich gleich an das Rheingold und die Walkre, wo ebenfalls eine reiche Familie zu sehen ist, so dass sich der Ring zur Gtterdmmerung schliet. She masterfully sustained the uncomfortable tessitura for a mezzo-soprano, with multiple sections written between E flat and A natural. Wotan - Egils SilinsDonner - Raimund NolteFroh - Attilio GlaserLoge - Daniel KirchFricka - Christa MayerFreia - Elisabeth TeigeErda - Okka von der DamerauAlb. He has a powerful, metallic voice that expands as he rises in the tessitura, creating great effects of dramatic tension. (Keith Warner, The Guardian), "I have never come across an audience with so much hatred, so much anger, such a thirst for revenge. Her timbre is completely round and even throughout her whole tessitura. The heat and drought have visibly affected him. Gnther Groissbock canceled a year ago. Waltraute Christa Meyer Jahrhundert. More information is available on the official website of the festival. Hagen (Albert Dohmen). Der fliegende Hollnder First Norn Okka von der Damerau Richard Wagner: visionary, utopian his heritage remains alive here. Mark your calendars! It is hardly unusual for the gods to have nothing god-like to them at any stage whatsoever, though such is at best a one-sided view. Bis eines dem anderen das Auge aussticht und das andere den einen entmannt. However, he could, at the same time switch very easily to beautiful lyrical moments like in Freias motives or Erdas scene. Festspiel Open Air Tristan - Stephen GouldMarke - Georg ZeppenfeldIsolde - Catherine FosterKurwenal - Markus EicheMelot - Olafur SigurdarsonBrangne - Ekaterina GubanovaEin Hir. After 145 Years, Bayreuth Festival Has Its First Female Conductor! Conductor Cornelius Meister had to step in on very short notice to replace a sick colleague. Mime Arnold Bezuyen February 14, 2022 Its Austrian director Valentin Schwarz has been talking to the DPA: 'The fact that the "Ring" in Bayreuth is performed in its entirety within just one week gives us the. The Rhinemaidens and Norns were all very good. It is built entirely of wood, with one of the deepest stages in all theater. Festspiel Open Air 28.7. Tristan is inside the oval for his agony and hallucinations in Act three, but as soon as Isolde enters he jumps out of it and it fades to black. What we are supposed to make of that girls disappearance during the final scene, or indeed anything much in a scene that sadly had many in the audience laughing at its sheer ineptitude, I have no idea. (Klaus Billand, 5. 04.05.2022 In the midst of the Corona pandemic, a compendium of four small-format books found its way into the Research Institute for Music Theatre in Thurnau. Costumes by Andy Besuch. Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) . He explored the frenzy and cynicism of this role, even while the staging demanded a naturalistic personification of this Demi-God of fire.. He led his first Vienna Philharmonic performance in 2000. RoboSpot Tutorials. Biterolf Olafur Sigurdarson At the most exciting musical theatre festival in the world. The Nibelungs, a dwarf race, are represented in this production by little blond girls in uniform drawing pictures. There is so much in these bloody pieces, all you can do is try to live up to them." 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