Umpires must also have completed the online CDC Concussion Awareness Training during the current year. To be eligible for nomination, election, or appointment to any position in Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., (excludes league level), one must meet the requirements specified in the current edition of the Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc., Bylaws. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board Of Directors State Director: Ricky Phaturos National Directors: Vann Saltz Jack Fillingham Charlie Bell Deputy State Director: Dale Phillips Deputy State Director: Vacant District 1 Director: Ken Boster District 2 Director: Marcus Wood District 3 Director: Kirby Michaels District 4 Director: Robert Douglass District 5 Director: Randy Phaturos District 6 Director: Jeff Speed District 7 Director: Scott Patrick District 8 Director: Tony Keith District 9 Director: Hal Carrington District 10 Director: James Simmons District 11 Director: Gary Hicks Page PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 of 36 3 4 5 6 A B C D E R d J M P Q rfrbb[TPbrKbC h h1C \ h1C \h4 hQe h4 hQe h1C h1C h1C CJ OJ QJ ^J h;7: h1C 6CJ OJ QJ ^J Lifestyles. The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority will host the Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Division II State Tournament June 25-28 at the Bowers Sports Complex in Bowers Park. These tournaments will be held in North/South locations. These are the "flagships" of tournaments for the state and all activities and facilities must be planned and prepared to be a most pleasant memorable experience for the teams participating. Managers Meeting A mandatory Managers and Credentials Meeting will be held the morning of the first day of the tournament. If a District Director fails to submit his recommendations of umpires, the State Director or their designee can select umpires from the others recommended by other districts. announcements should include one of the several canned Dixie Youth announcements that will be provided, followed by appropriate music. Make sure the catcher's mask/helmet has a throat protector and that the catcher is wearing a protective device. The Host shall provide a professionally prepared tournament Bracket Board with the Official Dixie Youth Logo displayed thereon at each tournament at locations convenient to the spectators. All tournament play is subject to doubling up when possible. The system shall be clear and audible to all participants and fans. DISPLAY OF FLAGS: The Host shall display the American Flag at the tournament sites. 190 were here. 5) Players will not be allowed to participate on more than one tournament team. IF LIGHTNING IS IN THE AREA, LEAVE THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY. In the initial paragraph of the appendix, it was stated that umpires must look professional and be professional. Belts approved color. Tallassee will face Opelika in the first game of the tournament on Field 6 at 5:30 p.m.. June 17, 2021. Al. This includes any motorized vehicle used to transport participants, officials, or spectators, such as golf carts or other similar type motorized vehicles. Player introductions before the start of every game. 3rd place teams to get to the 24-team level. DISTRICT 5 DIRECTOR - JOEL FALKOWSKI, P. O. No loafers or other slip-on (non-lace) type shoes. All tournament play is subject to doubling up when possible. Those leagues that are approved to bid and that agree to meet the minimum requirements must submit a sealed bid to the State Director postmarked no later than October 1st of the year preceding the tournament. ARTICLE III Deputy State Director(s): (A) The State Director shall assign the duties of the Deputy State Director(s). DBB OFFERING YOUTH BASEBALL FOR OVER 65 YEARS . 35475 Cell : (205) 270-0596 email: Bobby Ussery, Assistant Director 7064 Forest Mill Drive Cottondale Al. The host should have a contingency plan in place should an additional set of runner-up trophies be needed. There will be an invocation and national anthem before the start of the play each day. APPENDIX F ALABAMA DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL Rookie Tournaments The following guidelines shall apply to these tournaments. ARTICLE VIII Finances: Each league will be assessed a state fee as determined by the National Board of Directors in conjunction with submitting the Application for Franchise and/or Annual Billing for Franchise fees. The spring and summer months are filled with the sound of the crack of the bats and the pop of the balls hitting the leather as over 5,000 young people take part in the "National Pastime" through Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball. The Host League shall provide an Opening Ceremony. system operators are the responsibility of the Host(s). Renew Franchise. The area must include cold soft drinks and water for the Umpire's consumption along with snacks and or meal tickets for each umpire. Alabama Dixie Youth Districts 1 & 11. The Coordinator(s) will work under the direction of the State Director, or his/her designee, and the Tournament Director. The election of the District Director will take place at district meetings. Directory Contact us. APPENDIX E DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL, ALABAMA 0-ZONE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHIES SPECIFICATIONS (Trophies to be furnished by Host League) O-Zone (12 & under) Quantity Description Sizes 240 Dixie Youth Medallions W/Red, White & Blue Neck Ribbons 2 Diameter 1 Sportsmanship Trophy (Team) 26 Height 1 Championship Trophy (Team) 24 Height 15 Championship Trophies or Plaques (Individual) 10 Height 1 (or 2) Runner Up Trophy (Team) 20 Height 15 (or 30) Runner Up Trophies or Plaques (Individual) 8 Height AWARD INSCRIPTIONS Front of Medallions-Dixie Youth Logo The rear of Medallions- (Host Choice of Engraving) -William Wade--SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD- Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball O-Zone State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) -CHAMPIONS- Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball O-Zone State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) *-Runner Up- Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball O-Zone State Tournament (Host City), Alabama July, (Year) NOTE 1: The above-listed size specifications will also apply for trophies awarded at the Alabama Rookie O-Zone State Tournament. The Host(s) shall provide a satisfactory P.A. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball strongly recommends that any motorized vehicle operated in or for DYB purposes, be operated by persons with a current and valid driver license AND be age 21 or older. During gameplay, Dixie Youth Baseball Rules allow only the twelve (12) players and three (3) coaches shown on the team roster to be present in the dugout for Division I and eleven (11) players and three (3) coaches on the team roster to be present in the dugout for Division II. Related Pages. A District Director may endorse more than one bid during the same year for their district. No umpire will be replaced unless he/she becomes ill or injured during the game. The State Director, or designee, will establish distances via computer using the shortest distance from the umpires home address to the state tournament playing fields. HISTORIC AND CURRENT WORLD SERIES RECORDS. (C) The Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board of Directors will review the State Directors financial report annually, and a financial statement will be submitted at each State Conference. Adequate restrooms for the anticipated number of people shall be available near the playing fields and suitable ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the restroom facilities during the tournament(s) must be provided. This letter should be accompanied by an endorsement letter from their District Director supporting the attempt to host the Rookie State Tournaments. All-State Tournament Brackets will be submitted to the State Director for approval. The minimum bid for hosting the combined Rookie State Tournaments is $9,500.00. 714 likes. Resources. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball The Host shall supply official DYB baseballs bearing the signature of the Commissioner. The game fields shall not be made available for any State Tournament team practice. The State Director will also serve as Treasurer. At a minimum, this information packet will include - a) Welcome letter from the host including contact information b) Vicinity map for the playing field(s) c) Tournament brackets d) Local hotel information; note - We will not use the room blocking process for this tournament. 2021 District Champions Greer Dixie Youth Ozone All Stars. Bylaws. ARTICLE XIV - Alabama Dixie Youth Tournament Umpires: To be eligible to umpire in sanctioned Alabama AA, AAA, Majors, or O-Zone Dixie Youth Tournaments at any level, the umpire must pass the online Alabama Dixie Youth Umpire Training Program (UTP) each year, complete the online CDC Concussion Awareness Training each year and attend the district umpire workshop each year. Bylaws. Adult League. Decatur National team members wait their turn to march onto the field during the opening ceremony of the Alabama Dixie Youth AA Coach-Pitch State Tournament at Austin High School on Friday.. DIXIE SOFTBALL, INC. (DSI) is a youth softball program ONLY for girls nineteen . External links are provided for reference purposes.Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. A National Board Member or an alternate official shall be appointed by the State Director to conduct the election. The broadcast rights of all Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball State Tournament games are the property of Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball. Dixie Youth Officials will approve the assignment procedures for all the practice facilities. No individual umpire shall be scheduled to officiate behind the plate for two (2) or more games in the same day and, whenever possible, umpires will not be scheduled to umpire a game in which their District is playing. h1C CJ h h1C 56OJ QJ h hVG 56OJ QJ h? 56OJ QJ h6() 56OJ QJ h4> 56OJ QJ h hKEG 56OJ QJ hK h1C 6OJ QJ ^J hK h1C 5CJ OJ QJ ^J hK h1C CJ( OJ QJ ^J 4 5 E R d ~ k $ dh ]a$gdp " $ AUM Field 5 AUM Belles All-Stars - District 5 Champions Headlines. At a minimum, this information packet will include a) Welcome letter from the host including contact information b) Vicinity map for the playing field(s) c) Tournament brackets d) Local hotel information; note - We will not use the room blocking process for this tournament. Credentials from the districts will be accepted at this meeting; however, the State Tournament Director(s), or his designate, will inspect insurance and medical releases for all participating teams. Local Leagues are encouraged to adopt, in written form, the preceding rule for regular season play. ARTICLE III - Geographical Districts: The State shall be divided into eleven (11) geographical districts with boundaries as determined by the State Board of Directors. The teams will be lined up on the playing field and be recognized by district number and league name. If no bid is received by October 1st then the State Director is authorized to take any steps necessary to secure a host for the tournament. As Host Parents, they should meet the assigned team when the team arrives for tournament play and Host parents should be available to assist in any way needed. 8U . Player introductions before the start of every game. According to a release from PARA, this is the fourth year the tournament has been hosted locally, and this iteration will feature 40 teams from . The Host shall provide motel rooms for each umpire who resides more than 60 miles from the host site, provided the individual requests housing. A maximum 24 team tournament will be scheduled. Youth League. system shall be available within five (5) minutes of an existing system failure. Bylaws. To streamline the process this packet will include information for all of the Rookie State Tournaments (AA, AAA & O-zone). One-third (1/3) of the total bid amount(s) will be due and payable within thirty (30) days of award. The area should be located at, or reasonably near, the ballpark, and, if requested by DYB, golf cart-type transportation should be provided to and from the park and facility. Kirby Michaels, District 3 Director 1574 Green Circle Northport. ARTICLE VIII Amendments: (A) The Constitution may be amended at any meeting by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the votes cast, provided the proposed change shall have been sent in writing or by electronic submittal to the Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board of Directors, and proper notification given of the time, place, and date of the meeting at least ten (10) days before the meeting takes place.
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