9" x 12" rack tom, 11" x 14" rack tom, 14" x 16" floor w/rack attachment, 16" x 18" floor tom with legs, 18" x 22" kick drum. Turn it inside out and its still an A, which speaks to another thing I like in design is to consider the obverse. if(adUnits[i].device.indexOf(device) === -1) {adUnits[i].display = false; continue;} Price: 995 $. Our designs are a true reflection of this core idea. pageType: ['mainpage','post'], // display only on page type The 13 X 5 snare drum has a distinct personality all its own. With the right tuning and maybe an additional set of heads the sound of this kit can be shapedto suit just about any genre or style of music. Even the heads are made in their own factory. With no internal pressure points, PocketHinge effectively distributes force across a wide area of the rod to which it mounts, delivering dependable, slip-free performance. All components in this pack are of the double-braced 5000 -series, which are one of Tayes intermediate pre-packaged hardware sets. for (var i = 0, len = adUnits.length; i < len; i++) { Ludwig Oyster Pink is back! From the shells, through the lugs, brackets and other metal parts. Seeing it in a completely new way helps solve a problem. Great Condition. This is just speculation but I attribute this to a combination of factors. Just as increasing the distance has the opposite effect. device: ['desktop'], // display only on device Learn More. You must log in or register to reply here. Drum Articles Lots of extras and pro upgrades here beyond a stock drum kit. Used Taye Drums Studio Maple Drum Kit. device: ['tablet'], // display only on device Like all companies, they make a full range of drums. } He is known for his roles in the Broadway musicals Rent and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the TV series Private Practice (2007-2013), Murder in the First (2014-2016), and All American (2018-2023), and the films How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998), Brown Sugar, Chicago (both 2002), Malibu's Most Wanted (2003 . Posted on July 23, 2008 by drumbum A beautiful Tama Drumset made from Bubinga wood. } Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. device: ['mobile'], // display only on device for (var i = 0, len = adUnits.length; i < len; i++) { The affordable pricing makes it great for beginners. You know, when the Sixties were happening I was kind of a jazz snob. network: dfpNetwork, Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Learn More. adunit: 'drumforum_atf_300x250', Clear on the batter side and white on the audience-facing end and of medium weight as well. The Studio Maple drums sound excellent , unfortunately the hardware is not up to the level of the shells . How dynamic and sensitive they are as well as how loud or soft can they be played. Many of his snares are solid. ***. They have two flavors of it. . Ray now lives in British Columbia and he spends his retirement playing music and making drums on his own from time to time, under the name Raya. I appreciate that people look at the drums and like what they see, he says. Thanks for in information on Taye drums to the people who gave so.. var device = "desktop"; At this tuning the tom clearly rewardsgentle taps all the way to harder whacks than I ever resort to. Although even, clear and uniform, still with its own character and personality. I haven't kept up with pricing, but I know a local music shop has a five-piece Tour Pro for $575, so $250 sounds reasonable. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CB Drums With AXIS Double Bass Pedals,+cymbols +Hardware +Extras. The drums gained quite a following and were distributed in Europe as well. Starting with the tom tom, after the inspection described above I re-installed the heads and tinkered with lower than useful tunings for a bit. So I didnt listen to all that music or play it. Hammer Custom Drums | Worlds number one manufacturer of | Snare Drums | Drum Sets | Drum Kit | Custom Snare Drum | Custom Drum Set | Custom Drum Kit | TAYE Spotlight Drums Lot Zildijan PLatinum Cymbals Burgundy Hardwood. The toms and snare should measure less than 1 mm deviation. Great Condition. if(adUnits[i].pageType.indexOf(pageType) === -1) {adUnits[i].display = false; continue;} Used Taye Drums 5X14 ProX Drum. device: ['desktop'], // display only on device }); Furthermore, Taye Originals come standard with all of our Taye patented designs and innovations that have made Taye Drums an industry leader in terms of sound and functionality. Searching for a kit that provides anything and everything you need at an affordable price? $57.94 shipping. Bass Drum-355.6-millimetre x 609.6-millimetre. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. The Tom suspension mounts are of the heavy gauge, well-made variety. Comments Are Closed. size: [[300, 250]], Like OttawaDrumGuy, I thought they were the best value at the time - about half the price of bigger name brands for comparable quality. assignToVariableName: false // false if not in use adunit: 'drumforum_desktop_midcontent_728x90', $349.99 Good Condition Page Display: Founded in 1975, Taye Drums was originally a white-label drum maker that built percussion for a variety of the world's most well-known brands. Taye drums sm522s; A product type designated by percussion instruments; A country of origin of the type taiwan . Well past snug but not overly tight. I thought it was a great value - nice light shells that sound great, very nice lacquer finish, good edges and impressed by the overall quality. Visit www.RingRingMusic.com for more information on these beautiful sounding sets from Taye!Browse over 100 configurations available in RockPro!The RingRingM. adunit: 'drumforum_mobile_midcontent_320x50', Articulated Claw Hook: Made of a Birch and Basswood combination. adunit: 'drumforum_tablet_midcontent_728x90', Ray Ayotte has designed this drum kit in such a way that the small size of the kit sacrifices very little tone. Studio Maple Created from North American Sugar Maple wood, with thin ruggid shells. Hardware Pack C consists of a straight Cymbal Stand, a boom Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand with ball-joint, Adjustable Tension Hi Hat Stand and of course the Bass Drum Pedal. if(detectWidth() <= 1024) device = "tablet"; As mentioned in the Introduction for an additional $120 its hard to resist getting the hardware pack with the ProX kit. When it comes to Taye Diggs and his All American character Coach Billy Baker, death doesn't necessarily have to mean the end, at least according to showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll. I had a Taye Go-Kit for some time and found it very practical, Didn't use the snare drum that came with it but liked that 5 drums could fit into two bags. $199.99. if(mainpage.indexOf(loc) >= 0) return 'mainpage'; Not exactly a commonly found pre-packaged kit. Simply designed for optimum performance, this side-action release system employs a minimum of moving parts. Both are made of the same luaun (mahogany) that the other companies make their entry kits out of, and the hardware is very sturdy for the price range. You can see many of his drums for sale on Reverb here. Evans Bass Drum EQ Pad - Does your bass drum have too much resonance? Bass Drum Speed code: 'div-gpt-ad-drumforum_mobile_footer_300x250', The drums included maple shell kits and wood hoop snare . assignToVariableName: false // false if not in use In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9+ support! How round are those shells? Leaving the resonant side just past floppy and only adjusting the batter side works well too, allowing for higher tunings while maintaining control of ring and overtones without resorting to blankets, pillows, felt or tape. I play in half a dozen kinds of situations, he says, adding I enjoy playing with Indian guys, bhagra, basically Punjabi Sikh weddings, and other South Asian weddings That gig is usually a morning performance. New & used Drums for sale - Free shipping on many items - Browse drum sets & electronic drums on eBay. Mapex Armory 6-piece Studioease Fast Tom Shell Pack - Ocean Sunset - Sweetwater. network: dfpNetwork, At first glance, Taye's StudioMaple BeBop appears to be just another of many standard configuration bop kits. or Best Offer. size: [[300, 250]], Pro-X This is a higher end rock drum set. googletag.defineSlot('/143039214/drumforum_rosatf_468x60_sponsor', [468, 60], 'div-gpt-ad-drumforum_rosatf_468x60_sponsor').addService(googletag.pubads()); googletag.cmd.push(function() { For a limited time, save in the Gibson European Demo Shop. For me personally its a hands-down winner. Solutions such as the SideLatch Snare Release, SlideTrack Tom Holder System, PocketHinge Bracket, Articulated Claw Hook System-that virtually eliminates the need to disassemble claw hooks and tension rods from bass drums when changing heads-and studded lug gaskets that remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely. $549.99. userType: ['guest','loggedin'], // display only on user type Hear Taye Drums: StudioMaple (Studio Mics) - YouTube For more information on Taye StudioMaple, please visit www.tayedrums.comHere are two drum solos performed by Dave Langguth (0:00-1:24). Experimenting with different batter/resonant tunings adjusts sustain and overtones in either direction. Interestingly enough, you wont find that particular configuration anywhere on Tayes website. Thats when the owner of Drums Only, a keen-eyed designer named Ray Ayotte, along with his brother George and a fine guitarmaker named Atilla Balogh came together around a vision that would soon be known as Ayotte Drums. Configuration Friendly is the term Taye coined to describe this. network: dfpNetwork, }); The term butter soft has been used to describe Tayes bearing edges in a review by Drum! googletag.enableServices(); It solves all kinds of problems with that badge. Tuning the resonant head closer to the batter head increases sustain gradually and controllably. $134.99. userType: ['guest','loggedin'], // display only on user type googletag.pubads().setTargeting('advelvet', advelvetTargeting); Magazine a while back. }); adUnits.push({ Taye Origional - These are one of a kind drum kits that Ray Ayotte creates, and are very limited edition drums. The factory was enlarged, too, due to increasing demand. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. It was un-clear to me why exactly the tom mounts or stands, arent that good. Great Condition. The shells are 8-ply and a combination of Birch and Basswood finished in a bright high gloss lacquer. pageType: ['mainpage','post'], // display only on page type adUnits.push({ By clicking Subscribe, I agree to receive exclusive offers & promotions, news & reviews, and personalized tips for buying and selling on Reverb. Taye is not a custom drum company; they are another Asian manufacturer that was an OEM for a lot of the major drum companies before deciding to make things under their own name. . My few interactionswith Tayes bass drums have always been of a positive nature and this one is no exception. Not steamboat, but hollowed and carved from a single trunk of Canadian maple, a design he also tried during his time with Taye. OPEN BOX 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Brass Cymbals Starter Kit Pink. size: [[728, 90]], $179.95. Consisting of 18 X 14 Bass Drum, 12 X 8 Tom tom, 14 X 14 Floor tom and a 14 X 5 Snare drum. Now to the nitty-gritty. Build A Drum Solo Can you feel it? TAYE Drum Company DEDICATED TO MAKING BETTER DRUMS. size: [[728, 90]], This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Taye's unique SP90 bass drum spurs not only improve bass drum resonance, the sleek design enables the player to easily position stands in and around the bass drum. These are semi-pro drums in a stunning blue sparkle wrap. I'm buying a Taye drum tomorrow I was looking for the Studio Maple for the sound but I guess I'm gonna go for the ProX version because of the price. Complete attention to detail and playability is incorporated into every Taye drumset, from student level to ultra-professional. // Non-HB Adunits Overall value for money is hard to beat as well, when you combine the high build quality, extensive feature list, Perfect tolerance measurements and broad tonal range, it becomes hard to believe that this is a $600 shell pack. When William Goldsmith Was Slamming Drums with The Foo Fighters, Titanium Is (Literally) A Supernova On A Snare Stand, When The Tambourine Was Reinvented: Nine Questions With Richard Taninbaum, Slingerland Future Uncertain After Gibson Declares Bankruptcy, The Reverb.com Of Drums? They have over 20 drum features that no other drum company has. It might be okay if you don't set up and tear down a lot, like if you were using it as a rehearsal kit. dfpSlots[i] = googletag.defineSlot('/'+adUnits[i].network+'/'+adUnits[i].adunit, adUnits[i].size, adUnits[i].code).addService(googletag.pubads()); To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. adUnits.push({ adUnits.push({ Drum Type: Electronic Drum Kits; UPC: 0761294501955; Brand . pageType: ['post'], // display only on page type Lug screws are tightened to about the same torque as I exercise when assembling. Drum Throne not included. If you can post a pic, and/or any more . C $186.92. var googletag = googletag || {}; I know it's not a drum. I also play in a coupl, e of other bands doing late Sixties stuff. The Taye drums were made as well or in most cases better than any other drums I have owned and I have owned just about everything. The hole in the middle of the design is a way to cover an airhole without having a grommet. At the heart of StudioMaple are hand-selected 100% North American Sugar Maple shells featuring EFS Shell Technology providing warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack. adunit: 'drumforum_mobile_1stguestpost_300x250', I even managed to make it mimic apick-a-bau-bau-like sound of a funk bass. pageType: ['mainpage','post'], // display only on page type They are great drums. To sum up tuning and tone for the entire kit in one word, I would use flexible, or perhaps adaptive. device: ['desktop'], // display only on device ProX falls right in the middle of Tayes range of drum kits. Canopus was founded in 1977 by Shinichi Usada and offers drum shells made from unique and the best sounding materials like wood, acrylic, and carbon fiber. Open yourself and free yourself to play. One of the things I like about using a hanging rack tom as my floor tom is the ease of matching its tone to the high tom for perfect sounding transitions between the two. size: [[728, 90]], An industry standard, SuspensionRings allow mounted toms to float freely, providing optimum tone and resonance. Used Taye Drums 14X5.5 Tour Pro Drum. [Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Reissue, 2017/1977]. The bottom tom heads were fairly thin (8 mil) clear models, and the snare had a clear snare-side . adunit: 'drumforum_300x250_3', Its sidelit acrylic. I was surching on the web for Picture like this one and coulnt find anything. Their experience in drum building is reflected in the quality of their product and their innovation shines through over 20 patented designs and features that Taye claims. I realize this is a 'thread resurrection' but I like to chime in when it comes to Taye drums. I have owned a Maple studio too and they don't come close to these in the sound and feel dept. The amount of sustain is quite easily controlled with the difference between the heads. network: dfpNetwork, Taye Drums, A family owned, Canadian custom drum manufacturing company was established in 1975.