11:53 Talks about never going to prison & compares the streets to the music industry 12:10 Talks about being locked up while Betcha Cant Do It Like Me was blowing up and watching the video while in jail 19:38 Speaks on songwriting for other artists Stay tuned for part 2. Album: 38 Baby; Release Date: October 19, 2021 by YoungBoy Never Broke Again #Hip-Hop/Rap. 5:58 Tells a funny story about keeping Soakin Wet from QC P at first and explains how he got Offset and Yung Miami on there We talked about everything from the early days with Sonny Digital all the way up to J. Cole walking right past him during the "Revenge Of The Dreamers" sessions. 59:26 Explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him, NephewTexasBoy DGB Off The Porch Interview. Depth of recession, father unemployed until 1937 - 8 when works re-opened. During our sit down she talked about growing up in East Atlanta, her father Eazy-E passing away when she was 2, putting together a tribute birthday video for her father, making music since she was very young, the rise of female rappers the past few years, the music scene in Atlanta right now . Unghetto Matthew DGB Off the Porch Interview. We recently sat down with Louisiana rappers Drewzkiii and Kilo Carter for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! By Team Green] 10:07 Talks about his mother buying him a laptop before she left the US which lead to him making beats and earning his first 6 figures, using music as an escape from his real life tribulations & reveals his family wasnt supportive of his music producing career at first During our sit down he talked about growing up in South Memphis, starting off as a rapper & engineer, recording Moneybagg Yo before he blew up, explains what motivated him to first pick up a camera, spending $50 for his first camera, learning how to shoot & edit by watching tutorials on YouTube, his quick turnaround time on editing videos helping to get his name out, being a workaholic, focusing on making viral content, starting his YouTube channel back in 2011, video directors being the new DJs and A&Rs, Memphis rap scene blowing up the last few years, explains why he prefers to run & gun video shoots over doing a video with a treatment, reveals how he ended up managing NLE Choppa when he first started to blow up, explains what the biggest mistake artists make, starting his 1Take Live Performance series, Big Boogies Mental Healing live performance going viral, moving to Atlanta, his goals, and much more! During our conversation he talked about growing up in Panama City in Florida, getting arrested for extortion when he was just 10 years old, being sentenced to 5 years in prison when he was 16 years old, beating the feds on a conspiracy charge, explains why he signed with Jeezy & CTE, recording the USDA Cold Summer album, his solo album My Life: True Testimony, explains why he left CTE, his upcoming project H.U.S.H., new single Hustle 4 Mine, his music touching people, and much more! 23:54 Explains how he became one of the most respected individuals in Atlanta & gives his definition of an OG We recently spoke with VA rapper Mochaveli for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 27:11 Speaks on the exploding music scene in Jacksonville/Duval County and the beef in the city among some of the rappers We recently plugged in with buzzing producer AlGeno for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he discussed growing up inRiverdale, growing up withWaka Flocka& super producerSouthside, his biggest life lessons, his start in pursuing his rap career, witnessingWaka Flockablow up, working with Mike Will Made It, hisrelationship withSony Digital, new EPSage in The Air, his new music video Mr. Recently we caught up with Toosii for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talks growing up in Perry, Georgia, jumping off the porch at an early age, being held without bond for almost a year, his biggest life lesson, musical influences, moving to L.A., being inspired by Nipsey Hussle, explains the meaning behind his name, linking up with Lil B, their song Dat Life getting over 100k views, upcoming project, and much more! 19:34 Talks about the classic song Tattoo and his infamous outro Travis Porter DGB Off The Porch Interview. We recently sat down with Atlantas Aristotle Investments for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation, 550 talks about growing up in the streets, the changes that are happening to his neighborhood in Kirkwood, he explains that Young Scooter gave his name 550 after he bought a 550 Benz when he was just 18 years old, he talks about going to prison for 4 years after somebody did a home invasion at his house, he speaks on the message in his music, he explains what he looks for when he is picking out beats, he talks about his new single Chokehold, his upcoming project Pack Music, working with Don Q on a couple tracks, releasing a mini-movie last month that is inspired by his recent Cinco project, he talks about working with Casino on 2 Fat Niggas, recording with Future, his relationship with Yung Mazi who was killed in 2017 and much more. program that allows him to stay here legally, his mother receiving a 10 year ban from the US for bringing him here & how his relationship with God kept his faith strong We recently caught up with buzzing Houston rapper D Flowers for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 1:40 Talks about the changes in rap music (Streaming, fashion trends, etc) on Royalty, Pimp Cs influence on their music, explains why they decided to re-release Let Me Ride with Freddie Gibbs, upcoming projects, Burn One getting into NFTs, and much more! We brought Atlanta rap legend Parlae back Off The Porch for a brand new interview! We recently sat down with Louisiana rapper LilBikefor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently sat down with PA rapperNoLovefor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 6:20 Reveals his next project Unemotionaly Available During our conversation he discussed how he had to cut his hair during his recent stay in jail, growing up in Jacksonville, jumping off the porch, biggest life lesson, getting his buzz with Intro, his fallout with Foolio, the music scene in Jacksonville, his Gangsta S*** music videos blowing up, his new music videos Dirty Stick, Gucci Mane, remaining independent, fatherhood, and much more! CheatingAssMyron DGB Off The Porch Interview. Each month, Dirty Glove Bastard's YouTube channel gets more than 2.26 million views a month and about 75.24 thousand views each day. Between shitty weather, vicious dogs, crackheads and tweakers answering the door, people's pervasive hatred of trespassers and solicitors, and constant fear of being fired for missing my quota, "field canvassing" was definitely one of the worst jobs I've ever had. We recently sat down with buzzing Indianapolis rapper Fatty StillKountin and Stikks StillKountin for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Description Tape 1, Side A b. During our conversation Ru talked about Field Mobs legacy in Albany, Smoke explains how the two of them met, the music scene in Albany right now, Field Mob putting on for Albany, getting a Grammy nomination for their song Georgia, being 19 years old when he recorded the first Field Mob album, his life changing after that album was released, being on Wildn Out, Field Mob being the first rap group signed to Geffen, reveals that they made Georgia while in high school, never being able to release it because of the Ray Charles sample, playing the song for Ludacris, getting Jamie Foxx to sing the part, shooting the music video in Albany while he was on the run, GDs protecting him from the police at the video shoot, recording All I Know with Cee-Lo Green & T.I., they debate who would be a good Verzuz for Field Mob, reveals if we will ever get new Field Mob music again, Ru reveals what is next for New Hustla Ent, recently turning down a deal, and much more! During our conversation he talked about the following topics Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. During our conversation, he discussed blowing up in the summer, how his life has change since then, being raised in Louisville, catching his first buzz from his song Southside Story, the music scene in Louisville, moving to Atlanta to pursue his music career last year, practicing how to sing for the first time while on the drive to move to Atlanta, putting a lot of pain into his music, experimenting and perfecting his sound, his single Old Streets blowing up over the summer, his brother co-producing the song, signing with Warner Bros, gives advice for other young artists who are going through the process of meeting with labels, his new single Dreaming, his reaction to seeing LeBron James listening to his song, working with Sonny Digital, his upcoming EP Pre-Game Rituals, his goals for 2020 and much more! 15:45 Speaks on friendship with Playboy Carti before Carti was rapping We recently sat down with producer Backpack Ben for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our sit down he talked about growing up on Candler, jumping off the porch, catching a trafficking charge, going to prison, explains how DGB Pooh & Hoodrich Pablo Juan pushed him to rap, touring with Pablo, being fully focused on his music right now, upcoming single War God, upcoming solo project, upcoming MPR project, his growth as an artist, shares his thoughts on the rap game right now, his friendship with Pooh, and much more! 6:31 Explains why he partnered with Empire to release this project Bankroll Freddie DGB Off The Porch Interview. Stuey Rock - Stuey Rock Speaks (Intro) 02. Recently we linked with Memphis artist Dee Mula for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our sit down he talked about his 2020, life in High Point, growing up in Foster Care & group homes, him & his mother being held at gunpoint while his father was tortured, jumping off the porch, being shot 3 different times, never going to the hospital when he was shot, only making music for 3 years, his first big song Free The President, his thoughts on the rap game right now, the music scene in High Point, his new music videos Above The Rim, Mini Me, PSA, Money Mountain & Flashin Back, his upcoming project, features with Stunna 4 Vegas & Dee Flowers, and much more! During our sit-down, he talked about staying focused during the quarantine, coming from the 5th Ward in Atlanta, jumping off the porch, having his first son at 16 years old, being apart of Money Savages with Yung Booke back in 2008, explains how he got the name Freaky, his big single Dripset, explains how he linked up with Future, being on the road with Future, taking time off to learn the business side of the music industry, plans to start his own label and put other artists on, being featured on Lil Gotits new project, his close relationship with Young Thug, his upcoming projects Dripset 2 & God Saved Me, his upcoming documentary, planning his own concert in Atlanta Freaky & Friends, his drip, and much more! We recently linked up with buzzing Alabama rapper Dee Rogers for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our sit down he talked about life in D.C., playing sports when he was younger, jumping off the porch, OGs helping him stay on track, being lazy when he lived in L.A., what motivated him to start rapping, PTSD, his viral single last year All Talk, explains why he signed his distribution deal with Capital, his new project Who Want It, his new single Mud featuring Lil Baby, Hollup w/ Moneybagg Yo and produced by Tay Keith, and much more! Hes from the infamous Pork N Beans projects in Dade County, he was falsely accused on murder at the age of 16, he met YFN Lucci 2 years before he even started rapping, signed with YFN & has also inked a deal with Epic Records and now has one of the hardest projects out with his Perfect Timing EP. Lil Marlo has a new buzzing single out right now Soaking Wet that has him more motivated than ever on his music career. We recently sat down withNew York rapperTrapMannyfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Recently we linked with buzzing Memphis rapper Lil Migo for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Lil Baby & Young Thug music video that has almost 100 million views, the Drip Or Drown music video & watching Gunna blow up Recently we sat down with New York artist Remy Roja for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talked about life in Clearwater, jumping off the porch, getting shot twice in the leg, being involved in a high speed chase with the police, explains how he got his rap name, the music scene in Clearwater right now, working with DrewFilmedIt when he first started shooting music videos, his new project Reinvented, his label Obl, fatherhood, and much more! During our conversation, he spoke on the following topics: Carl Crawford DGB Off The Porch Interview. Recently we linked with YNW BSlime for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Last week we linked with Charlotte rapper Rich Dunk for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our sit-down he talked about growing up in Zone 4, jumping off the porch, gambling, catching a gun charge, facing 10 years in prison, his co-defendent taking responsibility for the gun, reveals the biggest life lesson he learned in the streets, being drug-free for a coupe months now, explains why he quit doing drugs, 21 Savage encouraging him to rap, 21 helping him record his first song Dirty K, signing with Bases Loaded Records, his close relationships with the other artists on the label, his next single Out The Van featuring Lil Keed, encouraging Lil Gotit to take rap serious a couple years ago, his upcoming project Life Of A Savage, explains what being a father has taught him about life, George Floyd, the protests, and much more! We recently sat down with Florida rapper MoneyshawnSlattfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talks growing up in Montgomery, jumping off the porch, getting arrested at school, leaving the streets to focus on music, singing in the school choir, his musical influences, his city supporting him, his music blowing up, signing with Universal Music Group, his breakthrough singles My Life & Change On Me, his new EP Defeated Da Odds, working with Zaytoven, upcoming music, and much more! In part 2 of our interview with Derez DeShon, we ask him for some tips that his fans can do to "Beat The Odds", his new collab with Russ, and talks about the 7th anniversary of Slim Dunkin's passing. Recently we sat down with A&R/artist manager Carbon15 for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talks growing up in Mississippi, jumping off the porch, having a kid as a teenager, life lessons, coming from a music background, being influenced by B.B. Dirty Glove Bastard started in 2011 and is located in the United States. Recently we linked up with Atlantas Lotto Savage for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talked about life in Miami, the violence in Miami, jumping off the porch, turning down a football scholarship to play in North Dakota, his plans to move out of Miami soon, getting shot, getting signed to QC after Pee saw one of his freestyles on IG, his debut project 'M.I.A.M.I.', the artwork featuring 16 of his . 2022. 8:18 Explains why he signed with Interscope after so much success as an independent, talks about how he wanted to give up on music earlier this year, announces his next project Carolina Narco & says Old Town Road producer Young Kio did most of the production on his next album 14:03 Speaks on his recent one-on-one meeting with Gary Vee 4:22 Talks about his 777 EP w/ Kenny Beats If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. He also talks about the current state of Country Rap Tunes and if he considers Lil Nas X & NBA Youngboys music as Country Rap Tunes. Bobby Fishscale DGB Off The Porch Interview. 24:44 Talks about the current music scene in Atlanta, Drewzkii and Kilo Carter DGB Off The Porch Interview. We recently sat down with Pensacola rapper/entrepreneur Ballhard GCash for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently linked up with buzzing Chicago rapper OTF Timo for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he discussed being fromOpp, Alabamawith a population of only 6,000, growing up in church as a kid, his musical influences, working security before music, entering theMarine Corps, leaving his job right before his big break, how his viral singleTrack Starcame about, finding out how he was trending onTikTok, his new singleGame Of Love, wanting to be the biggest artist this year, and much more! During our conversation they talked about the culture in West Tampa, the violence in the city getting worse, jumping off the porch, knowing each other since they were young, their friend Jaysavage who was killed in 2017, both of them surviving gun shots, both of them getting released from prison last year, their chemistry when recording together, their thoughts on the rap game right now, the music scene in Tampa, their upcoming collab EP, their new music video How Do You Want It, being versatile in their music, Meezys new song Go Down, Gsnaxks new song Heavy In The Streets, being independent artists, goals, advice for the youth, and much more! Last week we caught up with L.A. rapper Kalan Fr Fr for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! He explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him and talks about his upcoming albums and more! During our sit down he talked about coming up in Tarboro, staying to himself, jumping off the porch, starting to take music serious, Interview by Manny Akiio We recently sat down with Macon rapper Billie Slum for an exclusive Off The Porch Interview! We recently sat down with Atlanta rapper Shad Da God for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 1:58 Speaks on being locked up earlier this year for a probation violation, being drug-free now, reveals hes on probation for the next 6 years, being more focused now with a clear mind & making better music 4:57 Talks about jumping off the porch into the streets at a young age, being raised in the trap as his dad was a dealer, reveals the biggest lesson he learned in the streets Recently we linked with North Carolina artist Boofpaxk Mooky for an exclusive "Off The Porch interview! 18:12 Speaks on being hospitalized earlier this year for dehydration while on tour We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. 35:15 Reveals what he would change about the streets & talks about upcoming projects. Russell Tyrone Jones (November 15, 1968 - November 13, 2004), better known by his stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard (often abbreviated as ODB), was an American rapper. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. 40:19 His close relationship with Rick Ross & explains what happened to his deal with MMG when he signed in 2012 Love Dorsey jumps off the porch in Atlanta, GA during her interview with Dirty Glove Bastard,Love Dorsey Interview Out Now!Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm5prryNkLs\u0026t=1329sSubscribe for more official content from Love Dorsey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHiLwiPYJQSrHjjQg6EsWAFOLLOW Love Dorsey:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Love_Dorsey/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialLoveDorsey/Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovedorsey17/The official YouTube channel of Authentic Empire Music Group talent Love Dorsey. Recently we linked with buzzing North Carolina rapper Big Mali for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our sit down he talked about recently being in New York, growing up in South Memphis, going to downtown Memphis & singing blues as a kid, being featured in the newspaper for his singing when he was in elementary school, being a natural singer, starting to mix rapping with his singing while in middle school, explains how his deal with Atlantic Records came about, his song Dont Know Me with Action Pack blowing up, the music scene in Memphis right now, him inspiring other artists in Memphis start to rap, helping to bring a new sound to Memphis, explains why he calls himself the Baby Goat, the artwork for his Baby Goat project going viral, his new single Leave Some Day touching so many people, making the song after his 2 grandmothers passed away, the incredible feedback & responses he has received from his fans, working with Kevin Gates on his new song & video Amen, his next project Lucille Grandson, upcoming music video with Lil Durk, shares the story of how the viral video when he hit a game winning basketball shot against Adam Sandler, performing during the pandemic, and much more! 12:10 Speaks on his new single I Wont Go Out Sad produced by Mayhem & explains his chemistry with Mayhem Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free. During our sit-down he talked about life in St. Petersburg right now, jumping off the porch, being influenced by the Hot Boy$, explains what OTM represents, his breakthrough single Shooters that dropped in late 2017, signing with Alamo Records in 2018, explains why he decided to get out of that situation, learning the business side of the music industry now that hes independent, the music scene in St. Pete right now, working with Rod Wave, his new music video Back Life I Never Left, upcoming project Rent Due, OTM merchandise, giving back to his community, and much more! Recently we linked with buzzing Brooklyn rapper Dusty Locane for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation she discussed being from Arlington, her biggest life lesson, inspiration behind her making music at 18, being a dancer before taking rap seriously, how she metLil Brook, linking with her managerGutta Tv, working with DGB co-ownerLil Pooh, her & Brooks 223 single going viral; singing withDef Jam, reveals why she left Def Jam, her brand new singleFirst Offswitching up her sound, her upcoming project50 Ways of Paid,creating her own treatment for music videos, launching her own apparel and much more! We recently sat down withTexas rapper Sens3i Mollyfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Smoke of Field Mob and Hustla Ru DGB Off The Porch Interview. During our sit down he talked about having a personally rough 2020, getting his start playing the piano in church when he was 15, starting to make beats when he was 24, his first placement being for Justin Bieber, the importance of being a musician, touring with The-Dream for 2 years, going from producing for R&B artists to trap music, Zaytoven teaching him how to make trap beats, meeting Zaytoven in church, explains his creative process, explains why he prefers to cook up with the artist in the studio, being hands on with artists when they are recording, explains how he first linked with Peewee Longway in 2013, explains how the idea for Longway Sinatra came about, what fans can expect from Longway Sinatra 2, getting 4 placements on Jeezys new album The Recession 2, his relationship with Jazze Pha, upcoming gospel album, scoring movies, and much more! He started off by giving us an update on his case, his upcoming birthday party in Atlanta (2/15) that will be hosted by Money Man, Rylo Rodriguez & Trouble, his plans to hold a protest in Washington D.C. on 4/20, explains why he wants people to vote for Bernie Sanders for President in 2020, talks about how some of his friends switched up on him & snitched, talks about having the biggest case for any rapper ever, plans to drop a full project with Future, says he has countless unreleased music that he can drop, gives advice for upcoming rappers, thanks his peers for holding him down & much more! 41:04 Speaks on going to Dubai to film a fashion video. During our conversation he talks about life in Indianapolis, being shot 5 times when he was 15, that incident leaving him with PTSD, jumping off the porch, his musical influences, music scene in Indianapolis, his rapping style, his recent single Looking Like A Fool, upcoming Eddrein EP, and much more! 6:46 Talks about being on several different nationwide tours the past year, reveals Denver is one of the most lit cities on his tours & explains why Watts reminds him of East Atlanta https://dirty-glove.net/midwest-milly-off-the-porch . We had Derez DeShon come by our Atlanta offices the night before his new album "Pain 2" was released to speak about the new album, how his life has changed in 2018, not being satisfied with his success and says he hasn't reached his peak yet. 6:07 Coming up in Zone 3, how the city of Atlanta has changed over the years, We recently linked up with FBGs Doe Boy for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 6:56 Talks about his upcoming debut solo project Don Quillon, explains why he was nervous when he first started working on it, feeling like he has a point to prove with this project, directing his own music videos & producers he has been working with for his solo project To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. During our conversation he talked about growing up poor, the importance of family to him, starting to take music seriously after his brother died, locking in for 6 months in the studio to build his buzz, his reaction to Gucci Mane reaching out, going in & out of jail the past 2 years, his first solo project Don Quillion getting over 3 million streams, spending $30k on the project, his growth as an artist, his new project Don Quillion 2, and much more! We recently linked up with Atlanta producer/artist Mr. 2-17 for an in-depth, exclusive Off The Porch interview! Free, Cash Money & No Limit slick dissing each other in songs, how his previous drug addiction affected his career, being clean since 2004, selling 20,000 copies of his book independently, the importance of financial literacy, his thoughts on streaming & how it pays out, rappers not living up to their social media image nowadays, rappers chasing clout, his upcoming project Big Thuggin, and much more! K Camp tells us hes in the midst of the biggest comeback rap has ever seen! He also talks about still working with Zaytoven and credits him for creating his sound. During our conversation he discussed growing up inBrookhaven,Mississippi, moving toHouston, his music influences, thoughts on the rap game, lessons hes learned through life, the music scene In Mississippi, his new single On The Road , his new music video Regular, his single900 Baby,doing a feature withBoosie, being in a bad management deal, giving back to community + More! During our conversation they talk how long they've been knowing each other, Tampa being up next, making positive rap, shooting a movie, record labels wanting them to rap about drugs & violence, turning down million dollar deals, the hidden agendas behind record labels, their new single "Frosty . 1 album, his new single Frozone, and much more! Recently we linked with Detroit rapper Drego for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Recently we caught up with Detroit producer Helluva for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Recently we plugged in with buzzing Memphis rapper and QC artist Duke Deuce for an exclusive "Off The Porch" interview. . Dirty Glove Bastard is a digital music marketing and management consulting company founded in 2007. During our conversation he discussed why he wears four watches, life in Inkster, jumping off the porch at 13, being in a serious car accident that killed his cousin, pursing rap full time just 3 months ago, the music scene in Inkster, his new project Trapper of The Year , Sheisty visual with Pooh Shiesty, Winning Team visual ft Payroll, working with IceWear Vezzo on Money on the Floor, I Hustle single ft. Rio Da Yung OG, upcoming EP with Peezy, owning his own label, and much more! VL Deck "Off The Porch" Interview Atlanta rapper VL Deck is one of the hardest working rappers in the city. During our conversation he talked about growing up in South Bronx, being exposed to violence at a young age, going to prison for 2 years when he was just 16 years old, linking with Dame Grease, Camron & Jim Jones after he was released from prison, turning down a record deal to hustle instead, explains how he ended up in Ohio, how hustling in Ohio compared to back at home, Camrons Get It In Ohio song & music video, his classic song Oh Yeah that featured Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana, making the decision to take Dem Franchize Boyz off of Jim Jones Ballin, meeting Polow Da Don, getting Lil Wayne on Keri Hilsons hit single Turnin Me On, turning down a million dollar job offer to work for Jimmy Iovine, working closely with Rocko, managing Future when his career first started, explains how the song Word To My Muva was made, throwing parties with LeBron, leaving the rap game to go work at a hospital, L.A. Reid flying him up to New York to offer him a job to work at Epic as an A&R, helping sell over 40 million records in 2 years at Epic, going with L.A. Reid to Hitco, co-managing Saint John, starting his own company, his new artist Casper Bluff, reveals what he looks for in an artist when he signs them, keys to maintaining relationships, what inspires him today, and much more! kaut 43 rise and shine,
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