Heres why. Another way to look at speed is how much we have to pay for each additional mile per hour of speed when buying the airplane. (i) Part of the VFR-day type certification instruments and equipment prescribed in the applicable airworthiness regulations under which the aircraft was type certificated; Join our global network of over 500 Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) and Cirrus Training Centers (CTCs). Clearly because they value that comfort and are willing to burn more gas to get it. If you say that flying 130 to 140 knots will do, whats in it for you? Our referral ferry pilotsunderstandaircraft ownership and we want to help. Certain equipment is required for all flight operations in every Cirrus, such as a non-expired Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). Tom Donaldson : Cirrus Test and Ferry Pilot. Cernik said she wanted to become an airline pilot when she started flight training. She made sure, to use a pilot who was familiar with our model and Victor, kept us informed from that point. But if youre planning to be home again that evening, then speed is an even more critical part of the calculus. All rights reserved. I was able to follow her progress with the help of her Inreach device along the entire course of travel. Designated Pilot Examiner, Flight Training, Insurance, and FerryPilot ReferralsTurbine Ferry Pilot | Transatlantic Ferry Pilot | International Ferry Pilot | Tailwheel Ferry Pilot | King Air Ferry Pilot | Caravan Ferry Pilot | Cessna Ferry Pilot | Cirrus Ferry Pilot. How far will a plane go without making a fuel stop? I was a Cirrus factory pilot from 2011 through 2013. This is when a ferry flight is needed and a ferry pilots figure comes up. leaving me scrambling, Ben jumped in. Our team is here to support you with adaptive learning courses and insider tips on the best destinations for your next flying adventure. Propping the engine at every stop and just accomplishing a perfect delivery of the very first, and I would recommend your ferry service to, "With the busy holiday season and marginal weather conditions during November and December, I knew it would not be possible for me to take, the time to transport my recently purchased A-1 Husky myself. Want to fly as a career? Airplanes as fast as that legendary 200 mph (which well think of here as 175 knots) always have the increased maintenance of retractable gear and big motors, and almost always have higher acquisition costs. Shes delivered airplanes to Europe, Hawaii, Singapore, and Australia. Nope, because the KOEL mandates ALT1 for all types of flight (see Figure 2, next page). Werefer pilots to ferry airplanes at competitive rates. One thing Budd mentioned was that there were benchmarks for speed, and theyre useful. When you ask these kinds of questions, it becomes clear that speed, while important, is just one of a range of intersecting capabilities that all go toward figuring out what plane is right for you. Our pilot directory is used by all the top flight departments, regional airlines, charter companies and staffing companies around the world. One stop shop: We provide designated pilot examiner services, ferry pilot services, flight training & insurance checkouts, handling& permits, and aviation insurance for aircraft owners. That doesnt answer the question about speed, though, just what youre going to pay for it. When in doubt, if you can use, afford and fly it, go for the faster plane. But speed is not always well understood, and by that, I mean its not immediately clear to many pilots (especially those who havent flown long cross missionswere talking 750 nm or more on a regular basis) what speed means in practical terms. You guys should be proud at your attention to detail, efficiency, and most importantly safety practice. Everybody starts here. THE MEANING OF SPEED Our love of speed, and Im right there with you on this one, is a complicated one. If you're flying really long cross countries on a regular basis, aim for getting at least 160 knots, though faster is even better. Eight and a half hours of flying, plus 45 minutes of ground time, gives you around 9 hours and 15 minutes elapsed time. This uses TKS weeping Official websites use .govA .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. She is extremely, patient and will help you achieve any goals, that you may have and is an overall great, instructor. Fair enough. Here is a list of additional destinations frequently visited: We have lots of experience with Trans-Atlantic crossings, so if you need your Cirrus SR20/22 delivered to Europe, Asia or Africa, we should be your one and only choice! If you have been searching for a reputable company to ferry your Cirrus sr20/22, then look no further! This unique program allows you to train with our dedicated team of Vision Instructor Pilots to earn your Vision Jet Type Rating with confidence. If only it were true. As an extreme example, the Cirrus KOEL does not require the aircraft to have tires on the wheels or even wings. From my experience, I can tell she is very well qualified as an International Ferry Pilot. And dont worry if you need to move to other country, well please to accomplish the ferry flight, so youll have your airplane near your new home. 125-knot cruisers. Featured multiple times in Flying Magazine! (ii) Indicated as required on the aircrafts equipment list, or on the Kinds of Operations Equipment List for the kind of flight operation being conducted; When we fly together, we expand your limits, build your confidence, and gain a deeper understanding. For more than 20 years we have been flying around the world. Continued Education Safer pilots make safer skies. Live the life, CHS Flight School can get you up and flying in no time. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Your new Cirrus aircraft includes dedicated training with a Cirrus Instructor Pilot to ensure youre comfortable with aircraft control, engine management, avionics and more. If you are looking for some of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. , "I wanted to take a second to express my complete, she was able to accommodate a ferry flight for my Citabria from Austin to Chicago. We felt confident that our plane was in good hands. And super long days with a trip home late in the evening almost guarantees less-than-optimal human performance on those last legs. Read more about our Cirrus SR20/22 aircraft ferrying service. The big question is, how much time is extra speed actually saving you, and is it worth the additional expense and potential hassle? No, which means we can use the (d)(1) exception provided that: Between around the world flights and decades of experience over water, theirtransatlantic and internationalferry pilot experience allows them to deliver anywhere in the world. Having your Instrument rating will increase your flying time by allowing you to ignore a lot of the weather that would otherwise ground you. Reduce costs. After searching Barnstormers, I came across many, listings from pilots that were eager to provide this service, and while most, were quick to respond to my inquiry, I soon learned that very few were fully, insured. Perhaps this is where subpart (d)(4) comes into play: inoperative [intermittent] instrument or equipment does not constitute a hazard to the aircraft. Is 5% too much? Read more about our Pilatus PC12 aircraft ferrying service. Upon arrival she gave me a detailed review of the performance of the aircraft through the flight. "When I purchased my dream AC, I needed to source a ferry pilot that, could move it for me. And what kinds of fields do you land on? In the Skylane, youre getting sub-Skyhawk levels. Also in Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper or Socata. "-Jason Noll, Chicago, IL, Owner of Citabria, I cant speak highly enough about my experience with Bart, Sarah and Full Throttle Aviation! Quick Apply. The below list is not exhaustive. She gave a very fair and detailed quote which the seller and I agreed to, and then kept me informed as we came closer to the delivery date. This is where you learn the basic skills you need to fly an airplane, whether just locally for fun, for business, or vacation trips with the family. Here is where you will display your mastery of systems, regulations, and advanced maneuvers. Real-world cross-country flying is all about taking all the parameters into account, and that means looking realistically at weather, optimum altitudes, passenger needs and the amount of daylight you have to work withwinter days are short. Our designated pilot examiner owns aircraft and flies every chance she can get in small planes. I need to find another airplane just so I can let you guys deliver it! If that sounds too complicated to be useful, we agree with you, mostly. Mysteries Of Flight: The Curious Case Of Pan Am Flight 914, Fond Farewell to a Titan: The Antonov An-225, The Ugliest Light Planes (That Only Their Owners Find Beautiful). I recommend Sarah as your next Ferry Pilot. $16.50 to $18.50 Hourly. Check out our reviews and consider joining the ranks of many satisfied customers. In order to fly with nonrequired equipment that is inoperative, further action is required. But, again, if you can afford it, speed delivers in so many ways. Some pilots dont not have the required experience or need a pilot to fly with them to feel confident. Both strobes must be working, or you are grounded. Copyright The Ferry Pilot 2020. Sign in to continue reading. Returning to Duluth, I was a preferred Cirrus contract pilot from 2016 through 2018, and have flown independently since. An official website of the United States government Here's how you know. Length of the trip is also a factor. FAR 91.213 says "no person may take off in an aircraft with inoperative instruments or equipment installed." In fact, without a fast plane, a 500-nm trip out and back again with three hours on the ground at the destination isnt doable in daylight in most of the lower 48 United States during the daylight available most of the year. They keep both planes on their farm in southeast Wisconsin, charted as Clover Valley (3WI5), a north-south grass strip 1600 by 75 feet. . In reply to: Cirrus Atlantic Ferry service Are you a owner of a Cirrus and want your aircraft delivered to Europe or do you want to have an experinced . The subpart (d)(2)(iii) limitations are statutory in nature and not Cirrus-specific. Planes that go really fast are really expensive to buy and drive. I'll be sure to recommend your services to anyone who needs a ferry!". Walls is . Sarah was quick to write an estimate and send, out a contract to explain the transaction. Your new Cirrus aircraft includes dedicated training with a Cirrus Instructor Pilot to ensure you're comfortable with aircraft control, engine management, avionics and more. He has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates. What about an Avidyne MFD? The Bonanza saves right around 45 minutes on that trip. , Click here for Designated Pilot Examiner Services, KENAI, ALASKA, 10672 KEnai spur hwy, ste 112 #248, kenai, ak 99611. Take Kansas City, for instance, since its as mid-continental as you can get. Federal Aviation Administration. At CHS Flight School, learning to fly is made simple and stress. For those of us with pre-LED strobes that might fail, maybe this should belong in your AOG kit. Read more about our Piper Saratoga aircraft ferrying service. Things are a lot more complicated than a cursory look at block time on one leg can tell. Pacific crossings cover much greater distancestypically 2,000 nm at a timeso ferry tanks are essential. Our mission is to not only refer you to a qualified pilot todeliver your airplane, but provide a memorable experience that will have you feeling confident about your decision to use us for a referral. Victor kept track of his expenses and we actually got a refund! The below list is not exhaustive. In the simplest and least-useful terms, we might translate that as, how much are those 40 minutes worth? Delaware River and Bay Authority North Cape May, NJ. With how many people aboard? From avionics differences to recurrent training, our online learning portal has options designed for your schedule. What about 1%? The faster plane gets you there with daylight to spare even on the shortest day of the year, so long as youre not flying way up north. It does not matter if you are looking for a Cirrus ferry pilot, were experienced in Cirrus as well. Ben quickly got things going and was quick to respond to all emails, making the coordination go smoothly. (i) Removed from the aircraft, the cockpit control placarded, and the maintenance recorded in accordance with 43.9 of this chapter; or But a funny thing happens when we stretch that trip out to 1,200 miles. Cirrus Aircraft is the recognized global leader in personal aviation and the maker of the best-selling SR Series piston aircraft and the Vision Jet, the world's first single engine Personal Jet and recipient of the 2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy. For pilots who are going to fly 750 trips or shorter, any plane that can deliver around 140 knots is a good bet. Updated: Jan-01-2023. The Ferry Pilot is an internationally recognised company, regularly flying in the United Kingdom and United States. But she enjoys teaching so much that she doesnt intend to change careers. The delivery was also done during the Covid-19 pandemic to our satisfaction. What about (d)(2)(iii)s Kind of Operations Equipment List (KOEL)? Our worldwide network of flight training professionals are experts in Cirrus flight training. The Planes We Ferry Contact Us What We Fly We ferry a large variety of aircraft including single and multi engine (land and sea), turboprop, rotary and so much more. Some will say no, but the consensus is yes. Tom Donaldson : Cirrus Test and Ferry Pilot 6500 Hours Total - 5500 Cirrus - Former Cirrus Factory Pilot and Platinum CSIP I help the experts at Aviation Resources make your Cirrus faster, smoother, safer. The team at CHS is truly amazing. The Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (affectionately known as COPA) is a non-profit global organization made up of like-minded individuals looking to stay safe in the air and build relationships on the ground through the online and in-person sharing of real-world aviation experiences. Finally, under a June 13, 2018, Opinion Letter the FAAs Office of the Chief Counsel has opined that the benefits of subpart (d)(3) are only valid until the next annual (or 100-hour, if required) inspection. It depends. I was given a website link that allowed me to watch the progress of her flight and, . 2023 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Pilots: Helen Cernik, Piston Single Ferry Pilot, Training and Safety Tip: Melt before flight, Three pilots, three different reasons for SiriusXM Aviation. First and foremost it depends on the capability of the aircraft. Most of these planes are retractable gear models, though the advent of fixed-gear fast glass models, like the Cirrus SR22, have changed that calculus some. This article was initially published in the November / December 2020 issue of COPA Pilot. Can you make a very short VFR flight with a fully charged BAT1 but an inoperative ALT1? These cookies do not store any personal information. FAR 91.213 says no person may take off in an aircraft with inoperative instruments or equipment installed. If we stop reading there, an inoperative air conditioning system would ground a Cirrus in the dead of winter. Our global network of flight training professionals are personally trained and evaluated by our team to ensure a factory-level experience. I was able to follow her progress with the help of her Inreach device along the entire course of travel. I would rate her service as outstanding and would recommend her to anyone interested in ferrying services." The simulator lets you: Learning to fly in a plane is expensivefuel costs. Save money and finish quicker when using the flight simulators. The AmSafe system is not listed on the KOEL, nor are seatbelt airbags required under any FAR. Planes that can flirt with that 175- knot figure will cost you more upfront, more in gas and oil, and more going forward. I got accustomed to hurry up and wait in the military, and theres some of that in ferry flying, too.. In the slower plane, its not. A commercial pilot, editor-in-Chief Isabel Goyer has been flying for more than 40 years, with hundreds of different aircraft in her logbook and thousands of hours. Safer pilots make safer skies. RANGE: THE GREAT EQUALIZER, UP TO A POINT Mooneys are champs in the fuel efficiency arena. Youll have a full motion simulator incorporated in your flight training. Two fuel stops, however, are going to add 30 to 45 minutes per stop, for a total of around eight hours departure to destination. So youll pay less for the plane, less for fuel, less for maintenance (if youre lucky) and less for insurance. "I just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on delivering my 1942 RYANPT22. (4) A determination is made by a pilot, who is certificated and appropriately rated under part 61 of this chapter, or by a person, who is certificated and appropriately rated to perform maintenance on the aircraft, that the inoperative instrument or equipment does not constitute a hazard to the aircraft. The converse is true. So, with 1,200 nautical miles between departure and destination points, thats just a two-leg affairtwo long legs, granted, but its undoable for 125-knot cruisers, and its biting off a lot even for 140-knot models. So why do people buy Bonanzas over Mooneys? Federal Aviation Administration The flights all went as planned except for a . Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Great job all the way around and Bart was a true professional. Took good care of my plane en route. Most of the ferry pilots we refer are aircraft owners, mechanics, and ATPs, which allows us to treat the aircraft like it's our own with a high level of experience and professionalism. Search thousands of articles researched, written, and published by COPA members worldwide to find answers to all your Cirrus-related needs. delivery to/from Aviation Resources in CUMBERLAND, WI. No, you cant fly with an expired CAPS and call it Experimental since our aircraft are certified and not amateurbuilt. If you plan on flying for a living, its a must-have, but even if you dont, the new skills you learn make you a more precise aviator, and you can do it in half the flight time with our syllabus and simulators. The remainder of FAR 91.213 states: Conventional fixed-gear singles with bigger motors will net you around 12 mpg. As examples, under FAR 91.205, all aircraft must have an altimeter even for day-VFR operations, and any IFR flight requires an artificial horizon. Our global network of Cirrus Training Partners will help you experience the joy of flying, from an initial discovery flight through your entire Private Pilot flight training. If it has a power switch, just turn it off. Experienced pilots can brush up on flying skills and apply sim time to your rating. In the faster plane, the trip is long but still doable within the daylight you have to work with. Hours | 5,100 On short notice, she Ferried my Cessna 188 from Alberta Canada to Belize, Central America. Featured in Flying Magazine, we pride ourself on being the premier service for aircraft delivery . Overall we would highly recommend Full Throttle Aviation and it's services to anyone. All Rights Reserved. Cerniks first transatlantic Cirrus flight in May 2010 involved an unplanned eight-day weather stop in Goose Bay, Canada. Advanced Transition training is also available for instrument-rated pilots. At CHS Flight School, learning to fly is made simple and stress Learn by repetition in a low stress environment. Overall we would highly recommend Full Throttle Aviation and it's services to anyone. Part-Time. Currently working with Global Aviation Logistics to provide handling, permits, airworthiness conversions, and delivery of large aircraft. I'll give you a recommendation any time you need one. If thats the case, you need to recalibrate. Turbine Ferry Pilot | Transatlantic Ferry Pilot | International Ferry Pilot | Tailwheel Ferry Pilot | King Air Ferry Pilot | Caravan Ferry Pilot | Cessna Ferry Pilot | Cirrus Ferry Pilot, +1 832 510 4673 |, We can offer an insurance checkout upon delivery. Learn at your own pace and gain confidence. When the first ferry pilot I hired to accompany me on the flight from Italy to Florida BAILED one me just a couple of days before the planned departure. Need one moved for a pre-buy? Cernik said weather is the biggest challenge in Atlantic crossings. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Is saving three-quarters of an hour worth the extra dough that sweet Beechcraft will cost you, both upfront and going forward? Are you a new owner of a previously loved Cirrus aircraft? CIRRUS PILOTS ARE FORTUNATE to fly one of the most technologically advanced piston singles ever built. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS Our referral ferry pilotsunderstandaircraft ownership and we want to help you fulfill your dreams. Many flight schools need flight instructors and flight examiners as a temporary contracts and we are able to provide experienced ones. Today, at 79, she flies her 1948 Piper Cub almost everyday. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. My mother-in-law started flying on her familys farm in North Dakota when she was sixteen. 866.835.5322 (866-TELL-FAA) Contact Us. We ferry a large variety of aircraft including single and multi engine (land and sea), turboprop, rotary and so much more. Extra | Cernik lived on a 28-foot boat in Seattles Lake Washington for five years, AOPA Members DO more LEARN more SAVE more - Get MORE out of being a pilot -. Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. 2023 CHS Flight School Designed, Developed & Hosted by The Ghost Runner. If youre flying really long cross countries on a regular basis, aim for getting at least 160 knots, though faster is even better. Ferry flight is not an easy thing, but we enjoy doing it. But for small planes, miles per gallon works well. If you are planning your vacations or a working journey on your aircraft, you may need a safety pilot. airline connections thru MSP or ORD. Cirrus is a registered trademark of Cirrus Aircraft, 2023 by Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association. Copyright The Ferry Pilot 2020. It had all the makings of an Ernest K. Gann plot or Steven Spielberg thriller: a lone pilot, over a cold, forbidding sea, defying the odds and a mysterious fuel leak, and bringing his ship home on fumes, the engine stopping on the rollout. and you will not be disappointed in hiring her. By clicking Accept, you agree to our website's cookie use as described in our. | Designed by Sellers Media & Blue Roo Media. The answers are, there are a lot of advantages, some big, some not so big, and the costs can be great. This simply isnt your fathers C172. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. She's also made a dozen ocean crossings (nine Atlantic and three Pacific) in single-engine piston aircraft, mostly Cirrus SR22s and SR20s. kidding.sort of!". This group includes Skylanes old and new, Piper Dakotas (235-hp PA-28s), the Diamond DA-40 and the Cirrus SR20, along with many older Mooneys. But, as you may need to go back to your home again, ferry pilot can bring the airplane to you to fly it back home. Read more about our Beechcraft Baron aircraft ferrying service. Cirrus, Piper, Beechcraft, Cessna, etc Weve flown on many different aircraft types as flight instructors and as flight examiners. We normally offer an annual scholarship program. These include almost every two-seater, many of which cant even hit 100 knots reliably. It didnt take me long to realize that Sarah Rovner & FullThrottle, Aviation was the ONLY choice that could move my prized Titan T-51Mustang, the required 1700/mi. Very prompt delivery. Only required for IFR flight. Excellent skills with communicating with her client. Theyre a fun change of pace from the Cirrus transition training and instrument training thats my bread and butter, she said. How will you land safely? But when you take a wider view of cross-country flying, the additional speed is priceless. If you decided to buy an airplane but its a long way from your home, dont worry, well ferry it to you. Can they be too great? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How much is too much before we must declare it inoperative? This chart, which will vary slightly between avionics systems and SR models, lists in detail what equipment must be working in order for a pilot to initiate a particular type of flight. specialize in Shakedown FLights / Accompaniment / flight Training. For what reasons? The Ferry Pilot is an internationally recognised company, regularly flying in the United Kingdom and United States. Some of our recent trips have seen us deliver some of the aircraft that are listed below. Thats been a healthy topic of discussion on our forums, but the general consensus is that as long as your PFD has Rev 7 or higher and can display oil temperature, the MFD is not required. Work has begun on I will soon be accepting mail-in electronics repair and chip programing. . The ability to cater instructing methods to a variety of student types and personalities is a must. As a licensed agent, we can help you obtain insurance. If you are a new pilot to the industry and want to know more about being a ferry pilot, we want to help you succeed. I'll give you a recommendation any time you need one.". Great job all the way around and Bart was a true professional. So in terms of that 200-mph gold standard, well think of it as 175 knots. Thats why we offer engaging courses for every level to encourage a dedication to ongoing flight training. While we are known for having the most current pilot jobs, "pilots have many options when it comes to finding positions on our Website," says founder Rick Koubsky. We have endless trips under our belt and have ferried the Cirrus SR20/22 aircraft on many occasions in the past. Commonsense must prevail. One way of looking at speed is by using, instead of nautical miles per hour, a figure that is dollars per hour. Not only did she did it in nearly one day, but when she got here she would not leave the plane outside while a chopper was nearby in fear that it might blow the Citabria into a hangar. A more pertinent question might be, should I get a Beechcraft Bonanza or a Cessna Skylane? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. When were talking 500-mile trips, thats not usually a factor because just about everything on our list has at least 500 nm of range. I have used her several times and each time it was a wonderful learning experienceI used Sarah for instrument training and to obtain my multi engine and commercial ratings. "I had the pleasure of using the services of Sarah Rovner and Full Throttle Aviation LLCto ferry a Christavia Mk1 from Deactur , Illinois to Ocala, Florida. They were not even installed in early Cirrus models, so if those components have failed, can you just remove them and still fly? More importantly, its a newer model with 88-gallon tanks, which, according to the specifications, give just under 800 nm of range. HIMS AMEs can provide sponsorship and monitoring for such conditions when required by the FAA for medical certification purposes.