Soldiers applications for incentives via self-service may be delayed due to system data conflicts. milSuite- Connect. Once youre serving and near completion of an enlisted contract, rank and length of service can be factors for receiving a reenlistment bonus. In addition to pay, there are two types of bonuses that encourage members to start and/or stay in the service. Staff Sgt. Applicants who enlist for three or more years in the following high-demand jobs may qualify for additional seasonal bonuses ranging from $3,000 to $15,000. Email a Recruiterto find out., LTC John Broderick And there are still more incentive bonuses available for new troops who aim for highly specialized combat roles. Our goal is to answer your questions and help you decide if the Army is a good option for you. You must meet the following stipulations: The amount of a reenlistment bonus is dependent on the critical demand of the MOS or job skill. The current VA disability pay rates show compensation for veterans with a disability rating 10% or higher. Your email address will not be published., USAR SLRP Inquiries (USAR, G-1, SSD, Education Services) Option 4, Overseas Assignment Reenlistment Option, Option 4 guarantees a 12- or 24-month assignment to one of the following overseas areas of choice:(1) Korea(2) Pacific area, long tour(3) Pacific area, short tour(4) Alaska(5) Japan(6) Caribbean area(7) Europe(8) Germany(9) Italy(10) Hawaii(11) Africa(12) Southwest Asia(Reenlistment Obligation 3-6 year period), Option 5, CONUS Station of Choice Reenlistment Option. NOTE: Bolded information reflects changes in is an unofficial website - we have no direct affiliation with the US Army in any way whatsoever. The total incentive package for a new recruit is based on a combination of incentives offered for the selected career field, individual qualifications, length of the enlistment contract, and the ship date for training. "The ROW is currently set at 15 months, but we are changing it to 12 for two main reasons, he said. Disability compensation is paid to veterans disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active Copyright 2023 One of the more exciting enlistment bonuses for new recruits of the Army to consider is the Airborne Enlistment Bonus. Reach out and we'll help you get there. Gen. John Cushing in a statement. Unfortunately, we're unable to directly reach out to you until you are at least sixteen years old and a junior in high school. Many other short-term extension options remain available for Soldiers who need additional time and meet the requisite qualifications, he added. Soldiers may also contact USAR, G-1,SSD and Education Services for assistance at the below locations: RIMS Helpdesk (USAR) This March 27, 2008, file photo, shows the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. Section 324 Accession Bonus for New Officers in Critical Skills. FY23 AMEDD Pay Policy is now available effective 1 October 2022. New recruits can earn up to $40,000 in enlistment bonuses! "If Soldiers can just reenlist for an indefinite term of service, they can go and continue with their careers.". Soldiers can also receive added pay for completing special training, taking on another responsibility, or having served in the Armed Force beforehand. Recruits start receiving pay the moment they reach boot camp. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Zachary B. served in the United States Army for 9 years, both as an active-duty soldier as well as the Army National Guard. The US Army has reevaluated the international threat landscape and responded by committing to the doctrine of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). Yes. Paratroopers conduct yearly jumps to honor Saint Michael, the patron saint of the 82nd Abn. Up to $50K with an Active Army Enlistment Bonus Full-time recruits can AMEDD Incentive Team Chief Right now, that occupation also qualifies for a $9,000 critical accession bonus. 2. In order to receive the $10,000 bonus, the enlistee must agree to enlist for the number of years plus training and delayed entry and is required to serve their 2 years in the Regular Army followed by serving 2 years in either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. WHAT'S THE PAY LIKE? Our mission is to provide policy and program tools in support of the USAR End strength objective, to maximize talent management in the Army Reserve, and to give guidance for the USAR Army Medical Department's Incentives Program. These are also offered to some civilians with special in-demand skills who join the Army as commissioned Officers. These incentives range from $2,000 to $9,000 -- the sooner an individual ships, the higher the dollar amount. To become an enlisted Soldier, you must be 17 years old. The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) of this Web site or the information, products or services contained therein. Its a combination of these incentives that will get a new recruit up to the $50,000 maximum. In addition, there are also incentives for those who sign up for Airborne or Ranger schools. We admire you for considering such a big career decision at your age. Transfer to the Space Force! WebSection 309 Enlistment Bonus (EB). The U.S. Army has announced the highest enlistment bonuses ever offered by the branch as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively affect recruiting. This is an opportunity to entice folks to consider the Army, said Brig. WebU.S. Your email address will not be published. Hazardous duty incentive pay for flying (non-aircrew members): $150. The bonus has also extended the timeline to give more flexibility for the future Soldier. Contact a local Army recruiter for more information about the special bonuses currently being offered. Can the Army help me pay for medical school? (Alexandra Shea), Arriving Soldiers - Albany Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Baltimore Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Richmond Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - New England Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - New York City Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Syracuse Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Atlanta Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Columbia Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Jacksonville Recruiting BN, Arriving Soldiers - Raleigh Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Chicago Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Cleveland Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Phoenix Recruiting Battalion, Arriving Soldiers - Los Angeles Recruiting BN, 170D - Cyberspace Capability Developer Technician, Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) Information, Becoming an Army Physician Assistant (PA), AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP), Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) for Army Recruits & Future Soldiers, Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP) for Army Recruiters & Commanders, ConAP Publications, Forms Resources & Related Links, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - COMMANDER'S HOTLINE For your issues, concerns or good ideas. If you are on active duty you may be eligible for a reenlistment (or retention) bonus, if: You have completed at least 17 months of continuous active duty (other than for training) but not more than fourteen years of active duty. You are qualified in a critical military skill. Branch NCOIC Use checklist T-36-A-3 (The correct checklists are located below). Upon graduation, you're guaranteed a career as an Army Officer. To become an Army Officer, you must be at least 18 years old and have a college degree obtained either through ROTC, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, or from another college or university program. There are many advantages to joining the United States Army. Recruiting in the current environment is a challenge, and we have positions we need to fill right now, said Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, who leads the U.S. Army Recruiting Command based here. The SRB is designed to increase the number of reenlistments in critical MOS and is paid by specialty and time in service. The Army bonus list is designed to give you an idea of how much extra you could earn joining the military. We are simply here to provide a simple service that is not offered at an official level. The good news is all that these bonuses can get combined with other bonuses, so you can add the Quick Ship Bonus to your Enlistment Bonus for additional earnings. You reenlist or voluntarily extend your enlistment for a period of at least three years. Explore the Army. Vincent Levelev. Charles Dharapak/AP For example, a two-year agreement in Active Duty followed by two years in the Army Reserve qualifies you for a $5,000 bonus., USAR CHLRP Inquiries(USAR, G-1, SSD, Education Services) An official website of the United States government, Graphic created from original photo taken by Pfc. Qualified Army Reserve recruits may be eligible for up to $20,000 in bonuses. Up to $40K with a Civilian Acquired Skills Bonus Current enlisted applicants who have specific skills the Army needs may be eligible for bonuses up to $40,000. When installments are authorized, the servicemember will get no less than 50% of the bonus as an up-front payment. We understand you may not be ready to join yet, or that we may not be the right fit, and that's fine. For additional USAR SRIP List please clickhere(ARnet required) Youll need to enlist into a critical-skill Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Logout. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Incentive and Special Pays. Any Soldier who is serving in a Critical Skill that is authorized a Selective Retention Bonus remains eligible, regardless of when they reenlist, Whitney confirmed Operation Military Kids was founded to be a resource for teens and young adults who are interested in joining the military, but don't know where to begin. For you specific service amount consult with your service personnel office.) As part of the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program, foreign language skills can be worth up to $40,000 for certain career paths. WebChaplain Loan Repayment Program: Individuals who enter the Army Reserve to serve six years as a Unit Chaplain may be eligible for a bonus of up to $ $80,000. Site Map. $40k in quick ship bonuses. Buying a Home? Army ROTC has several scholarships available for college-bound high school students. We also have opened two-year enlistments for 84 different career fields. If you decide to come back to the U.S. Army you can earn up to $20,000 in bonuses. Resolve incentive issues including Exception to Policy Requests for payment of bonuses, Congressional inquires ad Army Review Board Agency %PDF-1.6 % Did you know that you can also receive special pay for serving the country? Phone: (502) 626-5055, USAREC SHARP 24/7 HOTLINE Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention Program SHARP Phone: (502) 626-5284. This helps us connect you to the right person, but if you're not sure yet, just select undecided. You are qualified in a critical military skill. Privacy Act Notice: The above disclosure is voluntary. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issue promptly, no ETA on a solution is currently available. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The head of Recruiting Command FY22 USAR SRIP Effective 3 May 2022(CAC Enabled, milsuite) FY20 USAR SRIP Change 2 That same recruit could also opt for Ranger school and enter the Army with a total of $34,000. Those with home school diplomas can qualify for the same bonuses as traditional high school students. The security accreditation Health care professionals who serve as commissioned Officers in the U.S. Army Medical Department enjoy a wide range of opportunities and financial incentives including bonuses of up to $400,000. %%EOF "That doesn't seem like a logical solution to keep Soldiers in the Army.". (Reenlistment Obligation 3-6 year period). Under CIP, Soldiers can take a break in service while receiving their benefits and a portion of their pay for up to three years, Army G-1 officials said earlier this year. Additionally, officer candidates for the Army Reserve may qualify for additional bonus earnings. For additional information on your local POC and theSelected Reserve Incentives Program, please follow the linkhttps://xtranet/usarc/g1/MANDiv/BIB/Pages/Selected-Reserve-Incentive-Program.aspx. The Army provides incentives to join certain Military Occupational Specialties. Your actual bonus will depend on the service branch, specific job specialty and length of enlistment contract. Required fields are marked *., Tricare Reserve Select - (Healthcare benefits for Servicemember and Family) ROTC makes it possible to achieve your ambitions. Aside from the career-based bonuses, there are quick ship bonuses for those who are prepared to head to Basic Combat Training within 90 days. In addition to the monetary incentives, Vereen pointed out several other options that may make the Army more attractive in the current employment environment duty station of choice and two-year enlistments. The U.S. Army allows you to combine bonuses, so depending on your skills, training, and desired MOS you could earn thousands more in special pay. is an unofficial website - we have no direct affiliation with the US Army in any way whatsoever. The U.S. Army, for the first time, is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly skilled recruits who sign up for six years. "We want to ensure that [qualified] Soldiers understand their eligibility for the Career Status Program," Whitney said. FY22 USAR SRIP Effective 11 January 2022, FY21 USAR SRIP CH1 Extension Senior enlisted advisor of a military service: $166.67. Soldiers must have between 17 months and 14 years of active service and will pay out monies for up to, but no more than,20 years of active service. Such links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this DoD Web site. The Army Airborne School is an exciting yet challenging training program where you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to parachute out of airplanes. Non-Prior Service (NPS) enlistment bonus targeting new recruits lowered from $10K back to 2020 level ($7,000) for Tier 1 candidates with non-critical Military Occupation The Army will repay up to $65,000 of your current outstanding student loan debt as an enlistment bonus. By Devon L. Suits, Army News Service September 23, 2021 WASHINGTON Three changes to the Army's retention program are scheduled to take effect Oct. 1, as For more information click on the link below. WebReenlistment Options are only available if otherwise qualified, to those Soldiers at the rank of private first class or above, who are considered in the Reenlistment Opportunity 2. The Army bonus list of high demand MOS jobs varies depending on current shortages or demands. FY22 USAR SRIP Effective 25 April 2022 Flip. What type of health care jobs are available in the Army? There are many benefits to joining the military, but few directly affect your pay as much as enlistment bonuses. Advance your career and your life in the Army Reserve. Qualified Army Reserve recruits may be eligible for up to $20,000 in bonuses. The Self Service Portal is now accessible from a civilian network. 1. Both websites require CAC log-in. June 17, 2022. First, it is simple for Soldiers, leaders and families to understand when they are 365 days from their ETS. Is qualified in a military skill designated as critical. endstream endobj startxref Waiver & Release of Liability and the Privacy Policy. There are numerous health care careers available through the Army Medical Education Deparment (AMEDD), including physicians, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, and many more. Agree to reenlistment of at least three years. The Army bonus list is not just limited to active duty service members. Keep in mind that Army bonuses change frequently based on the needs of the military branch. There are a variety of options available to help you pursue education with flexibility, such as ROTC programs, the GI Bill, and other programs that help pay for college tuition, trade school, technical school, or trainings. HRC conducts a periodic analysis of each MOS in the inventory to ensure the SRB program is supporting its objectives and adjusts the list of bonus MOS as needed. SLRP/CLRP Program Manager Right in your inbox. Enlistment Bonuses. There are requirements for the Army Loan Repayment Program bonus which youll need to discuss with a local recruiter. For instance, a future Soldier who enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program in May, who selected Infantry with a ship date of 6 September, can renegotiate their contract and select an MOS (job/training seat) that is available to ship in the next 45 days, and is authorized the $35,000.. "We found through collected data that staff sergeant and above with more than 10 years of service were required to reenlist at least twice to make it to retirement," Whitney said. For specific information about Student Loan Repayment Options, please visit theHRC websiteor visit theReserve Incentive Management System. Officials said the Army will also offer an incentive between $2,000 to $9,000 for those who are ready to ship out to basic training within 90 days with more money being offered for those who ship out sooner. That monthly pay goes up as your rank goes up, with officers making the most money per month. You have completed at least 17 months of continuous active duty (other than for training) but not more than fourteen years of active duty., FY23 SRIP Change 1 Effective 3 Mar 2023 No. 1. The U.S. Army is offering its largest bonus ever for new recruits with up to $50,000 available to qualified individuals who sign on for a six-year active-duty The Quick Ship Bonus outlines that you can earn an additional $12,000 simply for agreeing to train within 30 days of enlistment. The military is really good about providing financial aid to students looking to get vocational certificates or college degrees. The update to the CSP will not change any of the Army's voluntary separation policies, which allow Soldiers to request a discharge or enter into the Career Intermission Program, he added. Career-based incentives range from $1,000 up to $40,000 for select occupations the Army needs to fill right now or finds difficult to fill because of the specific qualifications required. "We are adding six additional months to provide a little more predictability for Army units, the Soldier, and their family.. There are many other ways to earn additional cash through the Armed Forces in addition to Basic Pay. FY20 USAR SRIP Change 3 Extension, FY20 USAR SRIP Change 3 Soldiers, except those reenlisting to meet service remaining requirements, may be assigned to their present duty assignment or to any vacancy for which qualified. In fact, if you enlist in military you may be eligible Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, Fort Jackson commanding general, administers the Oath of Enlistment to 10 enlistees and Fort Jackson active-duty Soldiers during the University of South Carolinas annual Salute to Military Service football game Nov. 6. Heres another example: An infantry recruit signing a six-year contract could receive a critical skill bonus of $21,000 and an accession bonus of $3,000. Hosted by Defense Media Activity - Army Human Resources Command "Soldiers First!" We encourage you to speak with a recruiter about your passions, skills, and interest in the Army, to identify which bonuses you qualify for. Is It Risky to Buy a Home Before a Recession? Login. hb```f``b`a` @ aY0 A1w2C&=LVLLLZLjV*00eiF 'vF5QF H Career-based incentives will range from $1,000 up to $40,000 for jobs that need to be filled or are difficult to fill due to specific qualifications, such as radar repairers and infantry and special forces. For those who speak in-demand foreign languages, theres up to $40,000 worth of bonuses FY20 USAR SRIP Change 1 U.S. Army To Soldiers As Training Resumes: 'Get Your Masks On'. For a current list of Army bonuses, click here. Section 312b Nuclear Officer Accession Bonus. For example, the Army currently offers up to a $40,000 cash bonus to become an Army Human Intelligence Collector (MOS 35M) or Cryptologic Linguist (MOS 35P)., Army Reserve Careers Group - ARCG WebU.S. This option is available to both CONUS and OCONUS based Soldiers. Option 3 guarantees, for qualified Soldiers, attendance at an available service school of choice for PMOS, skill qualification identifier, additional skill identifier or language training -OR- airborne training for Soldiers possessing a PMOS listed in applicable RETAIN message for award of skill qualification identifier P. Military pay benefits are constantly changing. Choose the Army career path you're most interested in. Option 5 guarantees assignment for at least 24 months at the CONUS station-of-choice for Soldiers reenlisting for 3, 4, 5, or 6 year periods, if otherwise qualified and authorized. Army recruits can collect a combination of bonuses totaling $50,000 for enlisting. Ready to take the next step? hide caption. FY23 AMEDD Pay Policy is now available effective 1 "We found that it is pretty common for Soldiers to extend," Whitney said. Press option 7 to leave a message. The timing of your bonus and how its paid out will depend on which ones you qualify for and the details of your contract. There are a variety of options available to help you pursue education with flexibility, such as ROTC programs, the GI Bill, and other programs that help pay for college tuition, trade school, technical school, or trainings. WebEnlistment Bonus Program Effective 10 FEB 2023 Bonus Amounts Per Years of Enlistment Applicable MOS(s) Level 3YRS 4YRS 5YRS 6YRS Level 1 $12.5 $25K $33.5K $50K View all of the Education Benefits available to you. U.S. ARMY RESERVE INCENTIVES 1. The total incentive package for new Army recruits will be based on a range of factors such as career field, individual qualifications, length of an enlistment contract and ship date for training, officials said. ASVAB Scores For Air Force Jobs: All 130+ For 2022, How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, 10 Benefits Of Being A Military Wife (and 5 not-so good things), Army Reserve Benefits: 5 Things to Consider, Army Human Intelligence Collector (MOS 35M). Hazardous duty incentive pay for flying (aircrew members): $150. Change 1, FY20 USAR HS&I Pay Plan As the Army continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said the ROW extension change would remain a short-term retention option for Soldiers. In the past, enlistment incentives for full-time Soldiers could not exceed $40,000. The change to the ROW policy will give Soldiers 12 months before their ETS to review their reenlistment options and make a final decision, Whitney said., United Concordia Dental - (Dental benefits for Servicemember and Family) For the first time in its history, the U.S. Army is offering its largest bonus ever for new recruits who commit to six years of service $50,000. For other than authorized activities such as military exchanges and Morale, Welfare and Recreation sites, the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations. Related Article 10 Benefits Of Being A Military Wife (and 5 not-so good things). FY23 USAR SRIP Effective 31 October 2022, FY22 SRIP CHANGE 3 Effective 26 July 2022 (CAC Enabled, milsuite) A recruiter has the most up-to-date Army bonus list for Military Occupational Specialties that offer special pay. USAR TWITTER PAGE Reenlistment options are governed by AR 601-280 (Army Retention Program) and the current DA PAM 601-280. Resident Military Education August 27, 2022. Additionally, the 2-year enlistment option, also known as Option 26, is available to eligible applicants. What is the time commitment for part-time service? FY22 USAR HPS&I Pay Plan Published effective 1 Oct 21, Change 1, FY21 USAR HPS&I Pay Plan Published effective 19 Mar 21 For more information, please review our Privacy & Security Notice. Learn more about Army Eligibility Requirements and how to receive Officer training while in college. Our conversation will likely begin with some basic qualifying questions, like your age and education level. If you do, youll get rewarded with up to $10,000 in cash bonuses. The authority for the collection of this information is Title 10, United States Code, Sections 503, 505, 508, and 12102, and EO 9397. *This regulation supersedes AR 601210, dated 8 February 2011, and Army Directive 201536, dated 15 September 2015.